Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One Week

I cannot believe what a difference one week can make! I've been very busy this past week, which is why I haven't been blogging. I have a midterm paper due tomorrow and I only just finished it today...we've had a month to work on it (procrastinators unite!...tomorrow)

Let's see what else...I had to go to the doctor last Thursday. It was one of those super-fun exams. So I'm thinking everything is ok. And I should find out the results of my blood screen soon (for cholesterol, diabetes, etc). Apparently you're supposed to get one of those every 5 years...to my calculations, I've never gotten one before. So, good for me.

Then Thursday I got back into my college town and we had a reading for this book I'm the poetry editor for and a good friend of mine, who is also on staff, told me about how serious the reading was. And this got me all freaked out. (I want to interject here with an apology to my managing editor because I gave her the URL to my blog and I'm about to confess to a shameful secret here) My friend got me so freaked out about how serious the readers were and how into it they were and how much they were reading. Yeah, my friend and I had planned on reading like 1 thing, not 10 minutes worth of stuff. So, we bailed. We said I was having a crisis. And I was. But I could have stuck it out if necessary. I didn't though. I got ice cream instead.

Something good came out of it though...during the after party (which I could not attend) a certain good friend of mine divulged to a certain someone that I have a crush on that I have a crush on that person. So, that was kinda nice. And we made plans to get lunch that Friday...and then we made plans to hang out on Saturday. And then we hung out last night as well...It's been quite great thus far.

My main concern is that I'll end up diving off of the great precipice and getting hurt or making mistakes. I know that mistakes are part of the growing up process. But you don't want to make every mistake possible. I've recently come out of a relationship that was one giant mistake. (But enough of that!) I don't have the time or the patience to make every mistake in the world. This is where I get angry at my parents for not giving me siblings. Although if I was the oldest, it wouldn't really matter anyway, would it?

I think I'm going to draw and read Eat Pray Love. But first I want to shower. I want to feel warmth. It's cold!

I'll write more later. I hope.

Editor's Note: I want to say that I will never chicken out and skip a reading again. So, for all of the staff that read this, I am sorry and I am embarrassed that I let you guys intimidate me so much. I won't let you down again.


Jarod said...

Yep, mistakes are part of the "process" as they say. The key is not to worry about them.

Angie said...

Okay so you told them that, but you won't say what you did today? hmmm...okay. I am finished being being annoying. Well, to you anyway. Adios, person I don't really know!