Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Almost A Week

I haven't written in forever! But I've been VERY busy so, please forgive me.

First of all, I moved into my new apartment. I have already mentioned that I was nervous about it because my roommate has already been living there. To my surprise (and relief) things have gone very smoothly. I think. I don't know. Things have been a little weird the past two days. We haven't really spoken. It mostly started when she went out with her friends, most of whom I don't think really like me. Let me add that I know all of these girls. We all grew up together, but I went down a different path than them. I don't know if they don't like me or if they're just treading lightly for some reason.

I also started my classes. I wasn't looking forward to class actually starting, because who is? I LOVE my classes. I know it's going to be a lot of reading, too much reading sometimes. But I think it's going to be good for me as a writer. My creative writing professor said that reading, understanding, and discussing poetry actually helps one become a better writer. I'm all for that. But I have a bit of a problem really liking poetry that doesn't rhyme. I know! Bad! It's true though. I like the flow when the words rhyme. I think that a lot of poetry without rhyme is like writing a paragraph and then hitting the "enter" key at random intervals. I need to get over it.

I'm a bit hacked off at my apartment people. Apparently I only get so much internet space per day. They are part of some network and the complex get so many things that you use when you download a page and each resident only gets 500 of those things each day. Maybe they're bits or bytes. I'm not sure. But I only get 500, which is freaking me out because I don't want to be cut off from the Internet world. I like reading blogs and the news. I like writing on my blog. It's fun.

I'll bet that at this point you're thinking I need a hobby. Maybe this is my hobby.

I was at a meeting today and someone made an interesting comment. Here's the background: my mom constantly complains about my anti-social tendencies. The comment this girl made is that English majors tend to be anti-social. This made me feel really good! The problem isn't's part of my chosen path. All artists must suffer. I am an artist now. I feel so validated.

So my friend that I wrote about last week kinda gets the shaft. I know that she has read my blog, I don't think she regularly checks it though. She gets the shaft in that when we message privately, she ends up hearing a lot of what I put in my blog. Like my recap of the other day. She had already heard most of my comments about the cookbook. Oh well...

I have more I want to say, but I don't want to write too much. Until later!

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