Wednesday, August 15, 2007


You don't know me. I'm new here. I'm new at this whole blog thing. But it will be good for me. You see, I want to major in creative writing. Yet I have never written anything. Ever. OK. I take it back. I wrote a few dark poems in the inevitable Middle School Dark Ages. But other than that, nothing really.

So, imagine my surprise when my advisor told me that he submitted my information to the OSU Literary Journal (-ish thing). I have to write something and publish it. Granted the only copies will be the one the participants get (maybe) and the lone copy in the library that no one will ever look at.

Anyway, I thought that my blog could be sort of creative journaling. Because I have always said that there are some events in my life that would be an interesting movie or book. But it's the everyday mundane things that need sprucing up a bit, which I am pretty good at doing (at least in my mind).

There are some things you need to know about me for this post to make sense. I am a nanny for three children. At least I was this summer (today is my last day). I haven't had the best of luck because these children don't have much discipline. And they don't really know how to sit still and behave.

Thoughts I Had at Work:

Why did I agree to this job?

How can these kids [they are two 5 year olds and one 8 year old (who causes most of the problems)] be so helpless?! It's truly a wonder I don't have to go into the bathroom with them! I'm pretty sure I was quite self-sufficient at their age. By the time I was 8 I was staying at home by myself. [More sidenotes: they are actually almost 6 and almost 9, but they all act like they're 2. Possibly because they've been raised strictly by nannies (Yes, I'm Number 6)]

This so-called "kid-friendly" house has an awful microwave! It is so not condusive to popcorn, which is a staple!

Is it sad that I judge the quality of the Batman movies on the basis of whether or not George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell are in them? We're watching Batman Returns (Michael Keaton). I think the one I'm looking for is Batman and Robin. [I just did some research. He was in ONE Batman movie. Batman and Robin]

Today is the first time that I've actually taken up my boss on the whole help yourself to the food offer. The pantry is a mess. Because it is a mess, there are like 2 open boxes of the same granola bars, 2 open boxes of crackers, and so on. And since they have three kids, there are always multiple boxes purchased. So I figure that it doesn't really matter if I cause the opening of two boxes of Fruit by the Foot.

I find the easiest way to make the kids behave while I let them do something cool is to make ridiculous threats, like "I'll string you up by your thumbs if you make a mess in the back of my car" or "I'll string you up by your thumbs if you make a mess of your popcorn." Yeah, I know they aren't supposed to eat in the living room, but honestly! They want to watch a movie, that's the only working DVD player and they won't fight when the watch the movie and they're hungry.

Kids. They baffle me by the stupid things they do and think are amusing.

Does this job make me not want children? Not really. I do want children. Whoever I marry is just going to have to put up with it. I am an only child. I want, need, a big family.

I remember why I took this job. I get paid really well. My nights and weekends are open. It's a fairly easy job, I mainly referee fights. And I can ignore the kids while I read or write something.

I hope I didn't bore you with the minute details of my life. Yesterday was a long day and I had nothing else to do with those kids. And then I'll be so busy being Miss Involved in College that I will hardly be able to write one sentence on my blog. But it will be an interesting sentence. I promise. So, please, tune in.

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