Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blah! (I think)

I think things are blah right now. I woke up at 4:20 to watch the lunar eclipse. It was kinda cool. But then I saw raccoons or opossums going through the dumpster by my car and it scared me. I wasn't standing too terribly far from them. I was on my third floor porch, but those little buggers could probably scale the wall, right? Anyway, I was on constant look out for them. I was prepared to make a mad dash inside to avoid getting bit. Then I made my possibly fatal mistake. I ran inside to go to the restroom (it was taking a LONG time to happen!) and I didn't close the door all the way. On my way back inside, after the eclipse, I became wary of the possibility that while I was in the bathroom, something could have sneaked inside and hid under my bed. I really wish I'd had someone to look under my bed for me. My mom just sorta laughed at me and called me ridiculous. But I think that one can never be too cautious if a big needle in the stomach can come into play (that IS how they treat rabies, right?).

In other news, my creative writing professor made an impossible assignment. I have to think of something and then all of the things it could stand for in a hypothetical poem. But she made the mistake of being like, "Food. Dessert. Apple pie...." So that totally got me on a linear track. And I can't get off of it. She said to just make sure I dealt with images, not abstractions. Does that mean I can go "Tree. He stood strong like a mighty oak tree. And he smelled like wood. And his coloring was brown with a little green, though in the fall it changed to red, yellow, and orange and finally in the winter, he was just brown"? I wish!

I think that technology is a double-edged sword. It's good because it allows you to learn and stuff like that. But it also allows freaky people to find out information about you. For example some so-called friend of mine gave out my number to a guy. This random guy starts sending messages to my phone and wants me to meet up with him. He can't even tell me who gave him my phone number. It's too creepy for comfort.

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