Thursday, August 16, 2007


Yesterday was my last day of babysitting. I felt kinda bad for being short-tempered with the kids on and off all summer (although I didn't have any choice) so I bought them lunch and some drinks. Not one single thank you. None. Even at 5, I would remember to thank my mom for buying me things, let alone someone else. Oh well. That's over and done.

Today I had a blast! I hung out with my friend and we went all over the place. It was nice to find someone who shared a love for post-it notes. I cannot tell you how much I actually spent on post-it notes, but it was quite a lot. I mean, I need the magnetic kind to stick on the fridge for shopping lists. And I need the lined ones for to-do lists. And I also need the little notebook that was post-it for class, or something like that. And then there was the calendar. The weekly calendar that was broken up into 4 time slots during the day and also came with lots of little post-its.

I think everyone starts off the year with the best intentions of being organized. Unfortunately, with college, I have 2 opportunities each year to start off with the best of intentions at being organized. I want be. But then again, I don't want to be organized. I want to be the girl that walks in late. The girl that people are a little astounded when she shows up on time. I want to be the girl that has her to-do list a little smudged with something random, but interesting. I think it's because my life has been too organized and too put together.

Then I bought the 1953 edition of the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. There is a note saying that this is an exact copy and the measurements and food guidelines are different now. There were also lots of little helpful hints. Like how to cook for 150 and other useful information like that. Let's just say that my friend and I had a BLAST going through the cookbook. I wonder if the recipes have stayed the same over the years. But the funny thing is that I am SO EXCITED about the cookbook. It's the highlight purchase of my day.

The cookbook reminded me of a blog post I read. In it, the lady was talking about how she wanted some gardening clogs and to be able to justify buying them, she took up gardening. I think I am taking up cooking just to get that cookbook. More than likely it will just sit in the kitchen or my room and not really get used. And inevitably, someday when I get married, I'll get 100 copies of the new version of the cookbook. But I like this cookbook. It provides a good source of jokes.

I think Gilmore Girls has ruined me for cooking and being the perfect housewife. I think about it all and it seems fine, fun even. But then I get to looking at it and I can't help but laugh. And that's not so good because these women were really dedicated to their families. I wonder which generation has the skewed priorities.

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