Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Good and The Bad

While in college I have had the privilege of experiencing some really good things and I've also experienced some really bad thing.

I've noticed that in smaller organizations, the people are so warm and friendly and they really take the opportunity to know and include each individual. They get to know you as a group and as an individual. I recently received the post of poetry editor for a campus publication. The higherups are so wonderful! They actually listen to what I have to say and they want to get to know me. English majors are supposed to be antisocial, but that doesn't mean we don't get along with other people.

I am convinced now more than ever that I want to be like Dominique from The Fountainhead. Honestly, unless something really strange happens, I think I will always want to be like her. She's strong, but she's human. I guess her strength, to me, comes from how well she hides her weaknesses, hides how she feels.

I wish I could do that. I wish I would do that. It would keep me out of a bit of trouble. But that's neither here nor there.

Um, the bad. I don't know exactly what the bad is for this post. I mostly chose that title because if I had just written "The Good" that would be weird.

I'm too scattered right now to contribute much. I want to read my book.

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