Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This was not one of my better morning starts. First, I randomly woke up 15 minutes early, only to discover that the power was out. That's annoying. Even more annoying is the alarm system beeping at certain intervals. But once that was solved, I mostly worried about how I was going to get coffee.

So my roommate decides that flipping out is the option. She cussed and went on about how pissed she is and how unacceptable this is. I call the power company. Within 20 minutes, they have the power restored. We're still not sure how long the power was out, but I know it was a while. How? Well, my computer, fully charged at bed time, was down to 46% battery capacity by this morning.

After this, I try to do my morning internet routine. Except, the stupid IP that my apartment complex uses didn't have me registered. But wait! I did register. A month ago. I called the tech person. I figured they would be...not from this country. They weren't, but we were able to understand each other. I was mostly annoyed at having to call in the first place.

That's about all on the bad morning...This afternoon I went to a BUNCH of different blogs. I'm going to start reading and commenting on them so that people will read and comment on mine. Although I'm sure adults have better things to do than read a college student's blog. But maybe I'll get lucky...

I've been thinking. Lately a friend (and I use the term loosely) commented that I'm just not a happy person. This really bothered me. "If I'm not happy, then something must be wrong with me." Thoughts like this streamed through my mind. Then it dawned on me during the bus ride home today: So what if I'm not happy? That's life! There's a difference between being happy and between making do with what you have. And I also realized that because I'm unhappy, I'm more mature. It's like, "I'm sorry that your life has been so damn perfect that you always seem to get the best of everything, but that's not realistic! One day, you won't have that and you won't know what to do with yourself." On the other hand, when things finally do go my way and I get everything that I want, I probably won't know what to do with myself either. But I'll be able to appreciate it more.

As pessimistic as it may sound, I think that the philosophy or mtto "Shit happens" is a great. It sums up everything. It's not a woe is me thing. It's acknowledging that things don't always go your way. It's not asking people to feel sorry for you. It's accepting that life isn't perfect and you have to keep going. Roll with the punches is a nicer way of saying shit happens. But I like the conciseness of it. Two words, three syllables. It's great.

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